Ravens: Marquise Brown responds to Bart Scott’s disrespectful comments

Marquise Brown, Ravens (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)
Marquise Brown, Ravens (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images) /

An NFL analyst recently disrespected a Baltimore Ravens player, and it’s not Lamar Jackson. It’s Marquise Brown.

Bart Scott of ESPN gave his bold take on the Ravens’ wide receiver in an episode of “First Take.” Scott said:

"“Hollywood Brown would not start on any of these other units that we consider. He wouldn’t start for the Bills. He wouldn’t start for Kansas City. He wouldn’t start for Aaron Rodgers.”"

Scott’s remarks have only a tiny sliver of truth to them. In the teams he discusses, Scott compares Brown’s talents to those of elite wideouts, but their respective quarterback chemistries must be considered as well. Allen and Diggs. Mahomes and Hill. Rodgers and Adams.

Jackson and Brown arguably don’t quite carry the same weight or household fame as those duos (not yet, anyway), but that doesn’t take anything away from Brown himself being an excellent wide receiver in his own right at this moment.

In Week 5’s win against the Colts, Brown caught nine passes for 125 yards and added two touchdowns. Along with Jackson, Brown was one of the most dynamic offensive threats that game to help buoy Baltimore to victory.

In response to Bart Scott’s massive disrespect, Brown posted this on Twitter:

Making fun of someone’s name admittedly isn’t the best comeback, but Brown couldn’t just stand there and watch his name get slandered over national television.

Ravens WR Marquise Brown claps back at Bart Scott

Brown currently ranks eighth in the league in receiving yards (451) and is tied for second in touchdown catches (five) and 40-plus yard receptions (three).

Many will immediately point fingers at his three drops in Baltimore’s narrow win against Detroit, but Brown is still on track for his most productive Ravens season yet.

The third-year wideout recorded 584 yards and 769 yards in 2019 and 2020 respectively, and his 451 yardage through just five weeks in 2021 means he’s on pace for a 1,500-plus receiving yard season.

Scott would have to be insane to believe those numbers wouldn’t get Brown a starting spot on the Bills, Chiefs, or any other elite passing offense.

As a former Raven himself, Scott spent the first seven years of his NFL career as an inside linebacker for Baltimore, so his criticism could be particularly hurtful for Brown.

Brown spoke briefly about it on Thursday: “For [Scott] to be a former player, it kind of did bother me.” But he ultimately called Scott’s remarks “foolishness…I don’t really care about his opinion.”

And why should he?

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In 2021, Brown has been a top-10 wide receiver in the NFL from a production standpoint. Bart Scott is a sports analyst getting paid for every bold take he comes up with.

Brown makes his money by what he does out on the field, and he’s not about to let any player — much less a TV personality — get in his way of a career-best season.