Tackling has been a huge problem for the Baltimore Ravens

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Even before you look at the numbers, the Baltimore Ravens‘ tackling issues are evident for all to witness. For some reason, the Ravens defense just can’t seem to bring players down when they have the opportunity.

Although it may not seem this way, however, this has been an ongoing problem for the Ravens on defense. In 2020, they were second in the league in missed tackles (134) which worked out at just over eight missed tackles a game.

This season, the Ravens currently lead the league in missed tackles (55), per Pro Football Reference, and yards after catch on completion (1,167).

If you haven’t figured already, this is a massive problem for a team that has genuine aspirations of making a deep playoff run this season. Fortunately for the Ravens, they are on a bye week so they can address this in-depth.

This isn’t on any particular player or even the position they play. The Ravens defense as a whole has been embarrassing when it comes to tackling.

You just need to look as far back as this past Sunday, when wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase caught a six-yard slant between four Ravens defenders and took it for an 82-yard touchdown.

The bye week will be key for the Baltimore Ravens

Putting it simply, if the Ravens do not use this bye week to fix this problem, they will be in huge trouble. The Ravens’ injuries are clear to see, but tackling shouldn’t be the reason you lose games.

Giving up a big passing play to a wonderfully thrown pass and a good catch is understandable. What is not acceptable is giving up on the play and letting that player go the length of the field and take it for a touchdown.

The Ravens have Lamar Jackson. They will always have a chance to win games because he is just that elite. But Jackson can’t go out on defense and make tackles.

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The Ravens will need to improve in that aspect if they are serious about making a run this season.