Ravens Playoff Picture: Bills loss benefits Baltimore

Ravens, Justin Houston (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)
Ravens, Justin Houston (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images) /

The Baltimore Ravens are still in good playoff position after Week 11’s results, but anything could happen.

The Ravens are coming off a narrow 16-13 win over the Chicago Bears, which means they keep their first-place AFC North spot…for now.

Here’s what the AFC playoff picture looks like after Week 11:

  1. Tennessee Titans (8-3)
  2. Baltimore Ravens (7-3)
  3. New England Patriots (7-4)
  4. Kansas City Chiefs (7-4)
  5. Cincinnati Bengals (6-4)
  6. Los Angeles Chargers (6-4)
  7. Buffalo Bills (6-4)

IN THE HUNT: 8. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-4-1), 9. Indianapolis Colts (6-5), 10. Cleveland Browns (6-5), 11. Las Vegas Raiders (5-5), 12. Denver Broncos (5-5)

Baltimore Ravens remain No. 2 in AFC playoff picture

The Patriots’ blowout win against the Atlanta Falcons shoots them into the No. 3 seed, while the Bills’ defeat at the hands of the Colts’ untouchable Jonathan Taylor means they get knocked down a few places.

The most surprising result of Week 11 must have been the Titans falling to the Houston Texans, but Tennessee still claims the No. 1 playoff spot.

As it stands, the Ravens get the automatic playoff berth as the AFC North division winner, but the 6-4 Bengals and 5-4-1 Steelers aren’t far behind.

We’d expect the Colts to use their momentum to win their next few games and potentially jump into the playoff seeding. In the upcoming Ravens/Browns matchup, the odds are honestly up in the air and either team could come away with a win.

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Baltimore has a very tough schedule ahead of them, and the only thing for certain is that nothing is for certain in the AFC.

Week 12, here we come.