What does the future hold for Tyler Huntley and the Ravens?

Tyler Huntley, Ravens Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports
Tyler Huntley, Ravens Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports /

The Baltimore Ravens were treated to the performance of a lifetime from Tyler Huntley in Week 15 against the Green Bay Packers. The Ravens may have fallen short, but Huntley’s play took the NFL world by storm.

Huntley started in place of the injured Lamar Jackson, and in just his second career start, the former undrafted free agent looked the part of a starting quarterback despite being saddled with a lackluster supporting cast going up against a stout Packers defense.

Huntley finished 28-of-40 for 215 yards and two touchdowns while adding 73 yards and two more scores on the ground. His performance single-handedly kept the Ravens in a game they had no business being competitive in.

Of course, this has led to many discussions about what Huntley’s future might look like. Is he a starting quarterback elsewhere next year? Is he the Ravens’ backup? What does the future hold for the talented young QB?

Expect Tyler Huntley to be the Ravens backup quarterback in 2022

At the very least, Huntley has proven that he’s capable of being a quality backup quarterback in the NFL. It’s just a small sample size, but it’s already apparent that Huntley is a player who should be in the NFL for a long time in some capacity.

Anything is possible, but that’s at least the trajectory he’s on right now. But will that role be as a starter or backup?

Obviously, the quarterback situation is uncomplicated in Baltimore. Jackson is the guy. Huntley is the backup. Anyone trying to insist otherwise is either a prisoner of the moment or trying to stir up controversy.

There is no quarterback controversy. If Jackson returns in Week 16 and plays poorly again, there still will be no quarterback controversy.

That said, having two capable quarterbacks is never a bad thing. That gives you two assets. And an asset at the quarterback position is worth its weight in gold.

What the Ravens choose to do with that asset remains to be seen. Ideally, the team could keep Huntley around as a backup to Jackson. He’s set to be an exclusive-rights free agent at the end of the year, but there’s approximately a zero percent chance the Ravens just let him leave.

Essentially, if the Ravens tender Huntley at the league minimum, he’s required to either sign the tender or sit out the year. Again, he’s not walking.

Of course, the Ravens could also look to trade him, but it’s impossible to say how much interest there will be. Assuming Huntley doesn’t start another game this season, it’s hard to predict too many teams will come calling. The sample size is just too small.

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Ultimately, I’d expect Tyler Huntley to stick around as the Ravens’ backup in 2022. Having a capable young quarterback on a minimum contract as your backup is never a bad thing.