The Ravens can still make the playoffs after Week 17 loss (here’s how)

The Baltimore Ravens went into their Week 17 matchup against the Los Angeles Rams in desperate need of a win to help their playoff hopes.

But not only did the Ravens fall just short in heartbreaking fashion, but a few other results severely decreased their odds of making the postseason. With just one week left to play, the Ravens’ playoff dreams are on life support.

However, improbable doesn’t mean impossible.

There is still a scenario where the Ravens make the playoffs this season. They’re just going to need a little help — or rather a lot of help. At the moment, the Ravens have just a 3 percent chance of advancing to the postseason.

So how can they do it? What do the Ravens need to have happen from here on out?

The Ravens’ loss to the Rams dropped them to 8-8 heading into Week 18 as they’ve now lost five straight games, four of which have come by a margin of two or fewer points.

To make matters worse, both the Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Chargers won their games on Sunday further hurting the Ravens’ playoff hopes. But all hope is not lost.

How the Ravens can still make the playoffs

Baltimore’s path to the playoffs begins on Monday Night Football with the Cleveland Browns. The Ravens need the Browns to either lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight or lose their Week 18 matchup with the Cincinnati Bengals.

On that same note, the Ravens, obviously, have to win their final game of the season against Pittsburgh. But even if those two things happen, they still need a lot more help.

The Ravens also need the Chargers to lose to the Raiders in Week 18, the Miami Dolphins to either lose to or tie the New England Patriots, and the Indianapolis Colts to lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Of all those outcomes, the last one is likely the least probable.

The Jaguars are very likely the worst team in the NFL right now and are coming off a 50-10 dominating defeat at the hands of the Patriots. It’s hard to see them even remaining competitive against Indianapolis.

But this is the NFL and crazier things have happened. For the Ravens to reach the postseason, they might need some divine intervention from the football gods.

It’s been a cruel, cruel season for the Ravens. But with one week to play, they still have a chance to make the playoffs.