4 Ravens players who benefit the most from the Mike Macdonald hire

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3. Brandon Stephens, S, Ravens

While Macdonald is known more for his work with front-seven players, one player who could be set to benefit from Macdonald’s arrival is safety Brandon Stephens.

Stephens was thrust into action last season following a season-ending injury to DeShon Elliott. A former college running back and cornerback, Stephens was being asked to learn a new position on the fly, but he held his own for the most part.

It’s unclear if the Ravens see Stephens as someone who could compete for a starting role in 2022, but either way, the addition of Macdonald could do wonders for his career.

Macdonald’s defensive scheme utilizes a bit more zone coverage than Martindale’s does. That could align well with a player like Stephens whose instincts and length are tailor-made for zone coverage.

Just look at what Macdonald was able to do with a player like Daxton Hill. Much like Stephens, Hill’s versatility and instincts allowed him to shine in Macdonald’s defense.

Stephens can fill that Daxton Hill role in the Ravens’ defense under Macdonald’s tutelage. While most of the attention was on Macdonald’s work with Michigan’s linebackers and pass rushers, his work with Hill was just as impressive.

Perhaps he can have that same effect on Stephens.