4 most likable players on the Ravens roster in 2022

Ravens, Mark Andrews (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
Ravens, Mark Andrews (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /
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In light of the Deshaun Watson controversy, we take a look at particularly likable Baltimore Ravens players who have since won the hearts of fans everywhere.

The Ravens are by no means the most likable franchise in the NFL as they had their fair share of polarizing players from Ray Lewis to Lamar Jackson.

While the Watson trade makes it extremely easy to hate the Cleveland Browns this season, we’re not in the business of crapping on other teams and would much rather look for the good in players.

In that vein, we’ve compiled a short list of who we deem to be the most likable and personable members of the Ravens’ 2022 squad.

Some players landed on this list due to their charming personalities, others by their gritty work ethic, and still others just because they bring a smile to our faces every time we see them on the field.

Without any further ado, here are four of the most likable Ravens players in 2022.

4. Mark Andrews, TE, Ravens

Let’s start off with an easy one, shall we?

Tight end Mark Andrews ingratiated himself in Ravens camp the moment he set foot in Baltimore back in 2018, but it’s not just his on-field production that makes him a fan favorite.

In the past four years, Andrews has strung together a brilliant career that saw him break multiple NFL records and achieve a career-best 1,361 receiving yards this past season.

He speaks Lamar Jackson’s language better than anyone else and Baltimore will continue relying on his elite pass-catching ability in 2022, as the team is noticeably lacking proven wide receivers.

But Andrews also happens to be — for lack of a better descriptor — a pretty cool guy. The veteran tight end was spotted at voluntary OTAs in late May despite the fact that he doesn’t necessarily need the experience as much as the team’s rookies.

Andrews said he attended OTAs simply because he loves football and was looking forward to the chance to bond with his rookie tight end teammates, Isaiah Likely and Charlie Kolar.

He’s since made it clear that he plans to serve as a role model for Likely and Kolar and will take the both of them under his wing to help them develop into the best tight ends they can be.

Compared to, say, how Tennessee Titans’ Ryan Tannehill reacted to the Malik Willis signing, Andrews gets plenty of brownie points for being an awesome teammate and overall human being.