RG3 is ‘tired of the baseless slander’ against Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Ravens, Lamar Jackson, Robert Griffin III (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Ravens, Lamar Jackson, Robert Griffin III (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The criticism of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson will never end. Jackson could put together a Hall of Fame career complete with 12 MVP awards and he will still face backlash from his staunchest critics.

But no matter how much baseless criticism Jackson faces, he will always have his fair share of supporters ready to defend him. Such is the case with a former teammate of his, and current ESPN analyst, Robert Griffin III.

Known Jackson hater Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo recently discussed the former MVP with Stephen A. Smith and RG3 on ESPN, and Russo didn’t mince words when asked if the Ravens were holding Jackson back.

Russo rehashed the same tired criticism that Jackson has faced his entire career, stating that the Ravens’ QB ” is not a great thrower. He hasn’t been in his whole career.”

Griffin’s face throughout the segment says it all. It’s wild how many people, let alone prominent media figures, utter nonsensical takes like this about Jackson on the regular.

RG3 fired back on Twitter after the show, defending Jackson and calling out Russo’s “baseless slander.”

Robert Griffin III rightfully defends Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson

Entering his fifth season in the NFL, Jackson has already accomplished more at just 25 years old than almost any quarterback in recent memory. He’s a former MVP, All-Pro, multi-time Pro Bowler, and already among the most dynamic quarterbacks in NFL history.

While the strength of his game will always be his explosive mobility and escapability, Jackson has proved over the last two seasons that he’s more than capable as a pure passer.

Look no further than his famed performance against the Indianapolis Colts last season for proof of that. Jackson broke numerous records in that one game, almost all related to his passing stats.

The former Lousiville star became the first player in NFL history to complete 85% of his passes in a 400-yard game. He was the first quarterback in league history to record 400 yards passing, four touchdown passes, no interceptions, and 50 yards rushing. He also finished with the highest completion rate in a 40-pass game in NFL history.

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Lamar Jackson is the complete package. Whether some are still holding onto their pre-draft analyses or whatever the case, RG3 is right.

The baseless slander has to stop.