1 offensive tackle Ravens could target in each round of the 2024 NFL Draft

Baltimore needs help in the draft up front.
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Round 2: Patrick Paul, Houston

Paul is the second-round version of Guyton, only if Guyton's inexperience was swapped with four seasons of consecutive high-end play on the Cougars offensive line. Paul has an endless wingspan, and his big 6-7 frame will be difficult enough for even the biggest edge rushers to dislodge.

Paul can be a bit upright and stiff as a pass protector, but that is by no means a deal-breaker. If Baltimore finds a wide receiver or pass rusher in the first round, DeCosta would be wise to snag Paul. This would give Baltimore two Houston tackles, as Josh Jones was signed in the offseason.

Patrick Paul could be a Baltimore Ravens NFL Draft target

Round 3: Blake Fisher, Notre Dame

Fisher is the direct opposite of Guyton, as he is a very rigid athlete who didn't blow many away with his tape. Technically, however, the right tackle who played next to Joe Alt is very advanced, which bodes well for a physical presence that excels in the run game.

Fisher needs to go to a team that will commit to running the ball to get the most out of his skills, and you can't get more run-heavy in the modern NFL than Baltimore. Fisher will need to be a bit more fleet of foot and proficient as a pass-blocker, as he looked much worse when compared to Alt.