1 offensive tackle Ravens could target in each round of the 2024 NFL Draft

Baltimore needs help in the draft up front.
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Round 4: Javon Foster, Missouri

Another technique project who can get into a bad habit of overextending and winning on raw power alone, Foster's physical gifts are so impressive that he has surrendered just one sack in the last two seasons. In the right scheme, Foster has all the talent needed to become a starter.

Foster got much better in 2023 compared to 2022, which speaks volumes about his potential and his ability to improve. Foster shouldn't be thrown right into the action, but he could eventually become a Faalele-type who becomes a trusted backup for years to come.

Javon Foster is worth targeting in the NFL Draft

Round 5: Delmar Glaze, Maryland

Glaze is a local product who has played both tackle spots and has been getting looks at guard from the pros. The Ravens might be willing to try him at tackle, where he was part of a fairly impressive Maryland offense thanks to his explosive hands and driving legs.

Speed rushers like Penn State's trio of Chop Robinson, Adisa Isaac, and Abdul Carter gave him some fits, and his athleticism might not be enough to help him stick in the pros. Glaze is a road-grader, but Derrick Henry is going to near as many powerful run-blockers as possible.