1 wide receiver Ravens could target in each round of the 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens might need to spend top capital on receivers.
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Round 2: Malachi Corley, Western Kentucky

Corley has received quite a few comparisons to Deebo Samuel, and his unique build makes it easy to see why. Corley has already met with the Ravens which may be a sign that DeCosta is willing to take a fairly situational player and try to develop him into a possible Pro Bowl talent.

Corley has a very limited route tree, but he is exceedingly creative with the ball in his hands as a runner. With solid speed and hands, A premium athlete like Corley could be a valuable weapon over the middle while eventually picking up the skills he needs to go downfield with more consistency.

Johnny Wilson could be a steal for the Baltimore Ravens

Round 3: Johnny Wilson, Florida State

You can teach how to run routes more crisply, and you can even help players bulk up. You can't teach being 6-7 and 230 pounds with an endless wingspan. Wilson's 4.52 40-yard dash finally put to bed all the dissenters who believed the former Seminoles stud should move to tight end in the pros.

Wilson is not a precise route-runner, and he hasn't faced a ton of press coverage in his career. This is another bet on his physical traits. As long as Jackson gets the ball roughly in the same ZIP code as Wilson, he will be able to haul it in. On third down, that size could be a big weapon for Todd Monken.