1 wide receiver Ravens could target in each round of the 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens might need to spend top capital on receivers.
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Round 4: Javon Baker, UCF

Baker, who averaged 21.9 yards per catch, is one of the more unusual players in this draft. While he is just 6-1 and 200 pounds, his style of play is more akin to what most teams from someone with Mitchell's body type. He lacks great speed, but managed to become a terrific downfield playmaker after transferring to UCF.

Baker's verticality will be much appreciated in a Todd Monken offense that is always looking for new ways to stretch the field. Baker is a raw player when compared to most of the receivers in this range, but there's a good chance he could lead the league in yards per catch if he develops perfectly.

Anthony Gould will bring speed to the Baltimore Ravens

Round 5: Anthony Gould, Oregon State

At 5-8 and 172 pounds, Gould is not going to be competing in Mr. Olympia anytime soon. He is still worth selecting as a prospect, as his time with the Beavers established him as one of the fastest players and best playmakers with the ball in his hands across the entire Pac-12.

Gould only found the end zone six times in three seasons, and he might need to show teams he could succeed at his size. However, with Baltimore taking another sharp route-runner with size concerns in Flowers last year, the Ravens could be more comfortable using a premier pick on a player like Gould.