1 wide receiver Ravens could target in each round of the 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens might need to spend top capital on receivers.
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Round 6: Drake Stoops, Oklahoma

Stoops may seem like a coach's son, but he has willed himself into becoming a quality pro prospect. Many solid receivers have been found in this range due to their route-running and hands overshadowing poor athletic ability, and Stoops once again fits into that archetype.

Stoops is an older prospect with one season of high-end production, both of which are alarming for receiver prospects. At this point in the draft, however, the benefit he could provide as a WR4 and special teams ace outweighs the possibility of burning a draft pick on someone who isn't an NFL athlete.

Xavier Weaver is worth the dice roll for the Baltimore Ravens

Round 7: Xavier Weaver, Colorado

Weaver was a four-year contributor at USF before transferring to the Deion Sanders show in Boulder. He finished as Shedeur Sanders' top target when healthy, catching 68 passes for 908 yards. Even at a light 180 pounds, Weaver showed strong hands and a fairly diverse route tree.

Weaver may have flown under the radar a bit due to how much noise surrounded him on the field. Even though he isn't an athlete with the explosion that will make anyone consider picking him before the third day of the draft, the Ravens could do worse if they take a stab in the dark late.