10 Baltimore Ravens players who have their stock rising after preseason week one

The Baltimore Ravens saw so many players improve their status in the preseason.

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Baltimore Ravens, Justice Hill
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3. Justice Hill could get serious work for the Baltimore Ravens

Justice Hill entered the game with a chance to cement his roster spot. Most saw him as the third running back, but with Melvin Gordon and Keaton Mitchell coming up on him, his job was not secure. However, we may have seen that his job is actually more secure than we realized.

Hill started and took almost all of the first-team work. He was well ahead of Gus Edwards. This is huge for Hill, but it may speak to JK Dobbins as well. Hill may be the backup to Dobbins, as the team wants to go with two different running styles. The speed back is Dobbins. When Dobbins is out, the speed back is Hill. The power back is Edwards. When Dobbins is out, he remains the power back.

So, if Dobbins is healthy, Hill may be behind Edwards. Still, the injury history and contract status of Dobbins means the team has to keep Hill to play it safe. This is a huge win for Hill. He may not have cemented himself over Edwards when Dobbins returns, but he did cement himself over Melvin Gordon and Keaton Mitchell, and it will be tough for either to get close to him.