10 facts everybody must know about the Ravens vs. Colts game in Week 3

Baltimore Ravens v Indianapolis Colts
Baltimore Ravens v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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3. Indianapolis has an all-time 10-7 winning record against the Ravens

The Ravens have not had it easy historically when facing the Colts. Things have changed in the last 10+ years, mind you, but Indy completely dominated the Flock and cut the Ravens' wings for much of the aughts.

In fact, the Colts got to win eight consecutive games against the Ravens from Oct. 2002 through Jan. 2010, playoff matchups included.

As aforementioned, the Colts have struggled mightily to beat the Ravens of late, though, and from 2011 on the record is a demoralizing 5-1 in favor of Baltimore including an AFC Wild Card game victory for the Ravens in 2013.

The only loss Baltimore suffered against Indy in that span was a 13-20 defeat at Indianapolis in 2014, just nine months before the Ravens kicked the Colts out of the prior postseason on their way to winning their second-ever Super Bowl.