10 observations from Baltimore Ravens' depth chart for Week 1 vs. Houston Texans

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J.K. Dobbins
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2. J.K. Dobbins is ready to go and in possession of the RB1 role

When the first unofficial depth chart was released by the Ravens more than a month ago, on the second week of August, J.K. Dobbins was still in the middle of his hold-in and refusing to train with the rest of his teammates.

Then, with just a few days of training camp left, Dobbins decided to put an end to his personal circus and came back to practice. The aftermath has now been revealed and it was the expected one: Dobbins will play RB1 ahead of the pairing of Gus Edwards and Justice Hill completing the running back rotation.

Edwards was briefly the RB1 of the team in preseason games but that was always going to change the minute Dobbins came to his senses and returned to the team.

This is not a Dobbins vs. Edwards battle anymore, but rather an Edwards vs. Hill for the rights of earning the most opportunities and getting the most touches among the crumbles left by Dobbins as the clear-cut RB1 of the Flock.