10 studs, 10 duds: Best and Worst Ravens grades from Week 4 win over Browns

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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Worst 5 PFF Grades - Baltimore Ravens Defensive Duds

  1. LB Trenton Simpson - 39.8
  2. LB Del'Shawn Phillips - 41.5
  3. OLB Jeremiah Moon - 50.1
  4. DT Justin Madubuike - 61.1
  5. DT Brent Urban - 52.6

The frontline of the Ravens was bad as a whole as charted and observed by PFF even though they faced a rookie QB on Sunday.

Trenton Simpson (six snaps) and Del'Shawn Phillips (nine) only logged 15 combined plays but they struggled aligned in the box only completing one assisted tackle between them (Simpson) while putting up rather bad grades against the Brown's rushing game.

Jeremiah Moon logged 23 snaps and was better against the pass than the rush, but even then he was blanked by the Browns blockers and couldn't stop nor tackle a single player, let alone reaching DTR.

Justin Madubuike (39 snaps) and Brent Urban (15), both deployed in the defensive line at times throughout the game, finished with three and one pressure respectively while Madubuike also logged a sack and a couple of hurries. The problem for Madubuike was the tackle he missed of the two he had a chance to complete, which ultimately hurt his grade.