10 studs, 10 duds: Best and Worst Ravens grades from Week 4 win over Browns

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
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Worst 5 PFF Grades - Baltimore Ravens Offensive Duds

  1. RT Daniel Faalele - 32.8
  2. TE Isaiah Likely - 45.0
  3. RG Ben Cleveland - 50.3
  4. LG John Simpson - 51.0
  5. WR Nelson Agholor - 51.2

It makes sense to have pundits out there warning about how risky it'd be for Baltimore to go keep playing football without Ronnie Stanley and Morgan Moses while relying on Daniel Faalele as the next-man-up to use at RT.

Faalele was awful, to say the least, after replacing an injured Moses in the second half of Sunday's game, logging 29 snaps in which he was absolutely overwhelmed on both pass and rush-blocking duties.

Isaiah Likely appeared in 15 snaps and only five of those were pass plays while nine were of the run-blocking variety. He didn't help the team that much on that front, struggling in that role compared to what Patrick Ricard did on those same duties.

Ben Cleveland only logged three snaps but wasn't much better than Faalele. Considering these two are the main replacements of Stanley/Moses if both miss time going forward, the future doesn't look very bright for Baltimore's O-Line unless they sign a proper free agent.

John Simpson struggled once more at LG after having a solid Week 1. It's now three weeks in a row for the former Las Vegas Raider having a hard time on the field, struggling mostly on pass plays. However, it was never going to be easy for him against a supercharged frontline in that of Cleveland.

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Agholor could have grabbed a touchdown but he couldn't grab the ball before stepping out of bounds, barely missing on completing the six-point play. Even then, PFF wasn't enamoured by his overall outing, as the veteran only grabbed only one other target for four yards even though he got to take 43 snaps in Week 4.

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