10 talking points and takeaways from the Ravens 28-3 demolition of the Browns

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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2. The Ravens defense might not be the no. 1, but it's better than the Browns' unit

The Ravens were lucky when Cleveland announced that the team wouldn't be able to count on QB Deshaun Watson for the divisional matchup against Baltimore.

That was really something that helped the Flock have an easier day, but it's not that there aren't 21 more players worth stopping on the field for a single team counting on both the offense and the defensive members of a squad.

Even if you just reduce that to the offense, the Ravens had to deal with 10 more men on a snap-per-snap basis, and they simply dominated Cleveland while at it.

Dorian Thompson-Robinson, the rookie QB of the Browns starting his first game Sunday, looked just like that: a freshman lost in a sea of angry Ravens. DTR turned into INT by the look of it.

The rookie tossed three interceptions, completed 19 passes on 36 attempts, and only reached 121 yards through the day while limited to just helping Cleveland reach field-goal territory so they could at least break the zero-figure in the scoreboard to put up their lone three points of Week 4.

Meanwhile, the Ravens defense only allowed 166 offensive yards to the Browns, and 53 of those came on a final drive in which Baltimore was already thinking about their upcoming matchup against the Steelers more than about the game still being played in Cleveland. The Flock also swarmed the pocket and sacked DTR four times.

Baltimore completed 54 tackles (10 for a loss) and its defenders broke 10 passes through four quarters along with hitting DTR eight times. Not bad for a "mediocre defense" facing the "no. 1 defense in the nation," was it?