10 talking points and takeaways from the Ravens 28-3 demolition of the Browns

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns / Lauren Leigh Bacho/GettyImages
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8. The offense is still a work in progress, but Todd Monken is a genius

There two fumbles. There were some penalties. There was a very ugly second half of football played by your Baltimore Ravens.

There were, more important than anything, 28 points on the board when all was said and done. Count that as a W, folks.

The Ravens had to do with a couple of fumbles by Lamar Jackson, and Jackson felt some defensive heat at times. That's partially fixable and should improve as the season keeps progressing.

There were the now-classic pre-snap penalties hurting the offense at times. Happens when you find yourself using a good deal of backups at all positions, including members of both lines.

There were two-quarters of seven-point football after scoring 21 in the first half. That's a fact, but that's also something you do when you start the third quarter leading your opponent by 18 points and only need to run the clock and call it a day.

The offensive line limited the "super" defense of the Browns to sack Lamar just three times, which doesn't really speak so nicely of such a "great" defensive unit, let alone with Myles Garrett coming off sacking Ryan Tannehill 3.5 times last week alone.

The combination of pass plays and rushing attempts was nice, Lamar carried the rock fewer than 10 times while Edwards led the backfield with 15 carries, four players (including Jackson) rushed for more than 20 yards, and seven players caught at least one pass (four of them racked up 14+ yards).

To think this is just the fourth game into the Monken era and what might be yet to come should have every Ravens fan incredibly excited.