How much 11-personnel will Baltimore Ravens run in 2023?

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It does not take a rocket scientist to tell you that the Baltimore Ravens' offense will be different in 2023. The question becomes, how different will it be? One of the big differences will be how often the team lines up using 11-personnel.

How much 11-personnel will Baltimore Ravens run in 2023?

11-personnel means one tight end and one running back. If you know the Baltimore Ravens, they are a team that likes multiple tight ends and multiple running backs on the field. Whether it be Patrick Ricard, Nick Boyle, or Isaiah Likely, they like to get heavy with their personnel.

However, with the additions of Odell Beckham and Zay Flowers, you would think that is about to change. Last season the Ravens were at an extreme in terms of poor wide receiver play. Rashod Bateman was injured and it left them with Demarcus Robinson and Devin Duvernay as the top two.

The Ravens actually did upgrade over Robinson in Nelson Agholor, they hope to get Bateman healthy, and they have Flowers and Beckham. That is a lot deeper. It should mean a pretty legitimate increase in 11-personnel usage for the team.

Last season, the Ravens ran 11-personnel on first down just 7% of the team, by far the lowest rate in the NFL. To be fair that was extreme, and from 2019-2021 with Greg Roman they ran 11 personnel on first down in the range of 33-48% of the time, which is still below average. Most teams are above 50% and some of the highest usage teams are closer to 70%.

11 personnelOne interesting note is Todd Monken and his usage of 11 personnel. He was the Buccaneers offensive coordinator in 2018, and the Browns OC in 2019. In 2018 the Bucs ran 11 personnel at 62%, and the Browns were at 49% of the time. So, even with the Browns, who did not have the receiver depth as the Bucs, it was still a higher rate than Greg Roman ever ran.

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When you combine the reality that the Ravens' new offensive coordinator's low rate of 11-personnel was still more than the high rate for their old coordinator, and you add in the wide receiver upgrade, the amount of 11-personnel is going to change dramatically. Do not be surprised if they go from dead last by a good bit to above average using three wide receiver sets.