13 Winners, 10 Losers: Ravens preseason breakdown after 26-20 loss to Tampa Bay

Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Baltimore Ravens v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Julio Aguilar/GettyImages
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Winner: OL Ben Cleveland

Cleveland didn't do anything in particular to come out as a clear winner on Saturday, and while he officially lost the battle for the starting LG role to John Simpson, that might actually be good news for him.

Now that the left guard position is filled by another veteran and that rookie Sala hasn't looked any good at all through the past few preseason games, Cleveland might have actually locked into a locked-in rotational and multi-position wildcard getting into the regular season.

Sam Mustipher is presumed to be the backup center of Baltimore, but Cleveland could do that job while also adding a body capable of manning both the LG and RG/RT roles if needed, so this feels like a close call to make by Baltimore.

Cleveland might still be traded if he's deemed a surplus player with Sala/Mustipher locked into rotational and second-string roles, but that's far from fait accompli and more of an assumption than anything else at this point.