15 funniest Baltimore Ravens fantasy football team names for 2023

Are you still hunting for a fancy fantasy football team name that shows your passion for the Baltimore Ravens? Look no further!
Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals
Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

It's fantasy football season, folks. And if you haven't drafted your team already, you're about to miss out on the first game of the year as Thursday's matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions will get the 2023 regular-season going on TNF.

Your beloved Baltimore Ravens will have to wait a bit, but that's not really a problem as they'll be taking the field on Sunday afternoon to try and beat the visiting Houston Texans, who will seemingly be led by a rookie quarterback.

There is still time to enter a fantasy league (or seven!) and still enjoy the full schedule and deal with all of the management endured by real NFL front offices and coaches, only in the fantasy realm.

If you're still thinking about creating a new fantasy team to join a league and find yourself lacking proper ideas to name it while still repping your Ravens, we have you covered.

Here are 15 funny fantasy football team names to show your Baltimore Ravens fandom, without following any particular order so you can feel free to pick any of them!

15 funny Baltimore Ravens-related fantasy football team names

Lamarvelous Jackson
Jackson's Jukebox
The Jackson Five Yards
Lamar' Funky Bunch
Jackson and the Furious

If you love (and draft, in an idea world) QB1 Lamar Jackson, then the aforementioned five names would fit your squad like a glove.

Make sure to jump on Jackson early in your draft if you want to put together the perfect combination of team name and player leading it, so you don't enjoy only half of the experience.

Mark My Words
Andrews’ Amigos
Zay’s Petal Posse
Petal Pushers
A Rose Amongst Thorns

What about your no. 1 tight end (perhaps also in fantasy football this year, too, if he can edge a certain member of the Kansas City Chiefs...) or the most exciting rookie coming out of the class of 2023?

If you're going all in on drafting a tight end early (don't let Mark Andrews slip past the third round) or betting on youth (Zay Flowers surely has it), then you'll need a team name that fits these men. Voila.

Tucker Tuckers
Boulware Brawlers
Ray Ray’s Runners
The Goose’s Gridiron Gang
Reed’s Ballhawks

And finally, five options for the elder out there still feeling nostalgic about the Ravens of Yore and the last time the Flock hoisted the Super Bowl.

This season might be the last one you get a chance to use those names before Baltimore wins another chip and made them ancient, so make sure to grab one of those before it's too late!

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