16 players the Ravens will try to get before the NFL trade deadline

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
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4. Denico Autry (DE) Titans

Autry is quite the experienced defensive end, already playing his age-33 season and coming off the 2014 draft as an undrafted player.

Of course, the Titans seem to be entering tank/selling mode after moving on from valuable assets (safety Kevin Byard) just a few days ago, so it might make sense for the franchise to simply burn all bridges and start anew.

That alone makes this a moderately realistic option if Baltimore wants to bolster their pass rushing and the defensive side of the ball, even more so considering Autry's versatility across the line.

"Baltimore loves versatile and physical defensive linemen," wrote Zrebiec. "Autry can line up on the edge or inside, and he has a knack for getting to the quarterback."

This feels more like a move entirely dependent on the Titans' willingness to throw their season away, but if they decide that's the best path going forward the Ravens should explore the price.