2 Ravens back training, 5 still missing. It's looking very bad at Wide Receiver

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
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Ominous news for the Ravens concerning their Wide Receiver room

It's perhaps too early to wonder but... have we seen the latest play of Odell Beckham wearing Ravens' threads?

It's been six consecutive practices missed by the veteran receiver and Beckham already sat in Week 3 after leaving the game against the Bengals in Week 2. OBJ injured his ankle (which he had already injured before in his career) two weeks ago.

Beckham is already 30 and he's coming off an 18-month rehab of an ACL injury he suffered when still a member of the Los Angeles Rams in February 2021. The Ravens decided to pony up $15 million to land the WR but they've only had him for a game and change. Bad investment?

Rashod Bateman also missed Thursday's practice, adding more worries to the large bill of concerns already impacting the Flock.

Bateman suffered a hamstring injury on Sunday and he's still recovering, although it's not quite clear if he'll make a comeback in time for Week 4 against the Browns.