2 solutions for the Ravens secondary after losing nickel CB to season-ending injury

The Baltimore Ravens are grappling with a sudden setback in their secondary after another cornerback suffered a season-ending injury. Here are two potential solutions the Ravens could use to fix the depleted unit.

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens
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Last weekend saw the Baltimore Ravens fly to the Jungle in Cincinnati and avenge the back-to-back losses they suffered against the Bengals last January.

It was a day to remember, from the 27-24 close score, to Geno Stone stepping up to the plate and pulling off the game-changing play of Week 2, to all other sorts of backups doing their thing as if they had been starting games for weeks on end.

Sadly, and as we're pretty much accustomed to by now, the Ravens received another unexpected setback on Tuesday when starting nickel cornerback Ar'Darius Washington was placed on Injured Reserve with a chest injury.

Back then, that news alone was surprising as it came literally out of nowhere with Head Coach John Harbaugh having said on Monday that there were no IR-type injuries worth announcing coming off Sunday's victory.

Then, on Friday, all hell broke loose following Harbaugh's announcement. I wouldn't blame you if you missed it even listening to the coach speak live because he just dropped the news like it's nothing.

Asked by Brian Wacker "at what point [do injuries] start to become a concern," Harbaugh answered "if they're going to be season-ending injuries."

That was reasonable, but what nobody was expecting is what followed: "We've had two of those. We've had J.K. [Dobbins] and possibly Ar'Darius [Washington]. Now that's not set in stone yet, but the rest of the guys are a few weeks, one week, [or] two weeks."

Uh, oh, Washington is gone. Here are two possible solutions, including the obvious one and another, more fluid scenario that could also work for the Ravens going forward.