2 tests in 3 days: Ravens standout questions NFL's drug-testing dubious policies

Houston Texans v Baltimore Ravens
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When you are a loser and dropping games week in and week out, nobody cares about you. When you dominate opponents, though, everybody focuses on you and starts doubting the legitimacy of your accomplishments, casting shadows and manufactured narratives over them.

Ask Baltimore Ravens inside linebacker Patrick Queen, who wrapped up his season debut with 11 tackles (one of them for a loss of yardage), one sack, and one pass deflection in the Flock 25-9 victory over Houston at The Bank on Sunday.

After putting up those numbers and getting the third-best pass-rushing PFF grade (79.3) of the week among linebackers, Queen was, obviously, drug-tested by the NFL. Only, you know, it was the second test in three days the linebacker has had to go through.

"Bro," Queen started, "I literally just got drug tested 3 days ago." The pass-rushing extraordinaire questioned the NFL's way of testing players by mentioning the official social account of the league and writing "again already???"

Queen is playing his fourth professional season with the Ravens after they drafted him with a first-round pick in the 2020 NFL draft. He has missed no games at all throughout his pro career through Sunday.

The NFL, however, seems to be trying to find smelly things where there are none. Quoth Nic Mason (and many others) over the social network X (formerly known as Twitter) in an answer to Queen's own message: "'Random' huh." Sheesh...

Queen has appeared in 51 NFL games and he's only gotten better over time. He's sacked opposing quarterbacks 11 times throughout his three-seasons-and-a-game career, has completed 332 tackles (216 of them on his own), and has 10 total pass deflections along with three interceptions.

Along with Roquan Smith, Queen is a member of the best ILB duo in the NFL this season. Smith himself racked up a game-high 16 tackles and a sack.

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The NFL better get accustomed to this type of outing and stop drug-testing Ravens for the sake of doing so and just in case something pops up in their results.

Greatness is dope, but the one you're looking for.

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