Breaking down all 15 players in Baltimore Ravens' practice squad

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The Baltimore Ravens named their initial 53-man roster ahead of Tuesday's deadline and they signed 15 of 16 players to their 2023 practice squad on Wednesday following the waiver wire's deadline.

With just one member of the PS still to be added to the full 69-man roster for the 2023 season as things stand, but many other moves regarding placing or taking players from Injured Reserve, we're sharing some details about the signed players.


Here is Ebony Bird's coverage of the practice squad naming with a few notes on all 15 members of the Baltimore Ravens 2023 Practice Squad.

Anthony Brown
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1. QB Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown was expected to be the QB4 behind the trio of Lamar Jackson, Josh Johnson, and Tyler Huntley. The Ravens chose Huntley as their main backup while not adding Johnson to the 53-man roster on Tuesday nor the practice squad on Wednesday.

Brown made it to the practice squad, but with pending moves related to the injured reserve, the expectation is Johnson will become a member of the 53-man squad while Brown will stay with the 16 players in the PS and just as a warm body and break-in-case-of-emergency quarterback.