Breaking down all 2023 Baltimore Ravens roster cuts

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21. Quarterback - Josh Johnson

Ultimately, the veteran couldn't beat the youngster. Johnson ends up getting cut by the Ravens in favor of Tyler Huntley, who missed the last two preseason games nursing an injury but who will be the man backing up Lamar Jackson from Week 1 on.

Johnson put on a very strong effort this preseason, mostly through the last two games in the absence of Huntley, but considering his age and the small role any of the two quarterbacks would have played will Lamar clearly leading the way as the face of the franchise, it never made sense to carry Johnson over Huntley.

JJ could still make it to the practice squad if no other team in need of some veteran presence in their QB room claims him or offers him a better deal/role than Baltimore can give him for the 2023 season.

Johnson entered the NFL in 2009 when the Tampa Bay Bucs drafted him, and then went on to play for them as well as the Browns, Bengals, Washington, Jets, Ravens, and 49ers. He also had a stint in Baltimore in 2021 when he started a game donning Ravens' threads.