2024 NFL Mock Draft: QBs, WRs dominate early in loaded class

Who will go early on NFL Draft day?
USC v Oregon
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. Kris Abrams-Draine. player. 101. Abrams-Draine 101. . Missouri. CB. Kris Abrams-Draine. 87

After trading away Donte Jackson, Carolina could target a cornerback like Abrams-Draine, who has smooth hips and tape that proves he can hold his own in man coverage situations.

Gray 102. . Cedric Gray. LB. Cedric Gray. 36. . 102. North Carolina. player

Seattle lost Bobby Wagner, and Mike Macdonald made his name as a linebackers coach. Gray is a very smart linebacker who always seems to end up piling up gaudy tackle numbers.

. McCaffrey 103. . WR. player. 47. Rice. 103. Luke McCaffrey. Luke McCaffrey

The next member of the McCaffrey dynasty heads to New England, as the former Ricre star made his mark as a speedy slot receiver who could eventually play outside fairly regularly.

Taylor 104. DT. 104. 32. . Miami. Leonard Taylor III. player. . Leonard Taylor III

Taylor disappeared during games quite often, but the highs make him look like a top-50 player and a two-way force Arizona can add to their growing stable of quality rotational defensive linemen.

Louisville. 105. 13. CB. . . player. Brownlee 105. Jarvis Brownlee Jr.. Jarvis Brownlee Jr.

Brownlee plays every drive as if the fate of civilization depends on it, and that intensity will be music to Jim Harbaugh's ears if he wants a man-coverage corner who competes at the line of scrimmage.

LSU. Maason Smith. Smith 106. DT. . . Maason Smith. player. 35. 106

A 6-5 interior people-mover who was frequently double-teamed during his final season with LSU, Smith's ability to wreck the opposing offensive line will make him a quality Jeffery Simmons backup in Tennessee.

. Louisville. Jamari Thrash. 31. . Jamari Thrash. player. Thrash 107. WR. 107

With quality underneath route-running and nice ball-tracking when going down the field, Thrash could pair with Nabers to finally give the Giants an above-average receiver room for the first time in years.

South Dakota State. player. 60. Mason McCormick. Mason McCormick. . . OG. McCormick 108. 108

TWith quality underneath route-running and nice ball-tracking when going down the field, Thrash could pair with Nabers to finally give the Giants an above-average receiver room for the first time in years.

LB. Tommy Eichenberg. Ohio State. Tommy Eichenberg. . 44. 109. player. Eichenberg 109.

With injuries and up-and-down play making it tough for the Falcons to trust Troy Andersen, Atlanta may need to invest in a two-down thumper like Eichenberg who made big plays on the regular at Ohio State.

. DeWayne Carter. DT. DeWayne Carter. 13. 110. Carter 110. . Duke. player

The Chargers' interior defensive line has been a laughingstock for years, and one of Harbaugh's first priorities should be fixing this group. Carter is smaller for IDLs at 6-2 an 300 pounds, but his energy and pass rush potential are real.

Washington 111. . . Malik Washington. Malik Washington. 30. player. WR. Virginia. 111

Washington has overcome his lack of great speed with inch-perfect route-running and hands with Gorilla Glue on them. The Jets should be interested in the fact that Virginia had a terrible offense, but Washington kicked butt every week.

OG. Boston College. Christian Mahogany. player. 28. Mahogany 112. 112. . Christian Mahogany.

No matter who is under center, the Raiders need to invest in their offensive line depth. A great athlete with solid zone blocking potential for Luke Getsy, Mahogany's tape looks like that of a Day 2 player.

DJ James. James 113. CB. 113. . Auburn. DJ James. player. 26.

James is a smaller corner at 6-0 and 175 pounds, which may limit him to the slot. The Ravens could be fine with that, as his man coverage will be enough to get teams interested in him.

Zak Zinter. 114. 52. Michigan. Zak Zinter. . . player. Zinter 114. OG

Zinter is trying to work his way back from an injury to end his college career, but his ability to create gaping holes for Blake Corum will make the Jaguars a prime landing spot for him.

Wright 115. Jaylen Wright. . Tennessee. player. . RB. Jaylen Wright. 115. 56

The Bengals need another running back after getting rid of Joe Mixon and replacing him with Zack Moss, preferably one with the speed, receiving potential, and untapped potential that Wright is still housing.

player. Dixon 116. Johnny Dixon. CB. Johnny Dixon. 116. 52. . . Penn State

Jacksonville and their new-look secondary. would be wise to look past Dixon's inability to become an amazing tackler and draft him for his much improved coverage and feisty demeanor at the line of scrimmage.

EDGE. Austin Booker. Booker 117. . Austin Booker. 46. . Kansas. 117. player

The Colts are never above taking a developmental edge rusher and letting him reach his full potential, and that designation certainly applies to Booker after he flashed so much promise during his one season at Kansas.

Ohio State. 36. TE. player. Stover 118. . . Cade Stover. Cade Stover. 118

Seattle lost Colby Parkinson in free agency, and they need a like-for-like replacement. Stover might be a better blocker than receiver right now, but he should grow into his TE2 role with time.

2024 NFL Mock Draft: Kamren Kinchens has starter potential

Kamren Kinchens. 55. Kinchens 119. 119. . Kamren Kinchens. Miami. SAF. player.

Kinchens bombed the pre-draft process with horrendous testing scores, but his slide will end here. Tomlin can take a chance on Kinchens, who was the ACC's leading turnover creator in the last two seasons.

120. . player. . C. 54. Arkansas. Beaux Limmer. Limmer 120. Beaux Limmer

Limmer isn't a straight-up Jason Kelce replacement, but he will be a big help for an Eagles team that is trying to replace him with depth over one big name. Limmer is a premium athlete with solid movement skills.

. 45. . RB. USC. MarShawn Lloyd. Lloyd 121. 121. MarShawn Lloyd. player

Lloyd was underutilized at USC, and Payton might be smart enough to realize that. The wiggle and hard-running between the tackles Lloyd possesses could make him a fine backup for Javonte Williams.

Matt Goncalves. player. Goncalves 122. . Pitt. 57. . 122. OT. Matt Goncalves

The Bears' offensive line is better than it once was, but that isn't saying much. Given Williams' iffy pocket presence, the best to finish off their draft could be a tackle-guard hybrid with good mobility and technique like Goncalves.

Sataoa Laumea. Sataoa Laumea. . OG. Utah. 123. 10. Laumea 123. . player

Houston will never be faulted for getting more talent to protect CJ Stroud, as former first-round guard Kenyon Green is coming off a season-erasing injury. Laumea is a four-year starter with tackle and guard reps to go along with a great pass pro anchor.

Christian Jones. player. 42. . Texas. OT. Jones 124. . Christian Jones. 124

San Francisco's offensive tackle situation, outside of Trent Williams, has been suspect for a while. Jones has played both tackle spots, and his long wingspan will attract the 49ers if they want to target a swing tackle backup.

. QB. player. 48. Michael Pratt. Pratt 125. . Tulane. Michael Pratt. 125

Baker Mayfield is the guy in Tampa Bay, but the Bucs need to get a better backup plan than Kyle Trask. Pratt has an NFL arm, plus deep accuracy, and four years of quality experience leading an elite Group of Five program.

LB. Trevin Wallace. . 126. player. 49. Wallace 126. . Kentucky. Trevin Wallace

Wallace may not be a sideline-to-sideline ranger who can make athletic plays, but he can throw his weight around at the line of scrimmage and wrap up tackles in open space, which could be enough for the Packers to add him to the mix.

DT. 127. player. Jackson 127. McKinnley Jackson. . 10. . Texas A&M. McKinnley Jackson

Jackson's potential in the pros will be determined by how much spice he adds to his milquetoast pass rushing. If nothing else, Jackson will be a run-stuffer who can eat up space as a competent backup in Houston.

EDGE. Mohamed Kamara. player. Colorado State. Kamara 128. 128. . Mohamed Kamara. 16.

Von Miller's poor play and injuries have taken some of the teeth out of Buffalo's pass rush. Even at 6-1, Kamara has great leverage and speed when roaring off the edge, which helped him pile up the sack numbers in college.

Washington State. Chau Smith-Wade. Chau Smith-Wade. player. CB. . 60. Smith-Wade 129. 129.

Smith-Wade is a smart cornerback who can fit in a variety of different schemes while showing he can lock down bigger receivers despite a skinny 5-10 frame. The Vikings could land a new dime cornerback with this move.

Illinois. 26. 130. player. Isaiah Adams. OG. . Isaiah Adams. Adams 130.

Few teams (if any) put more of an emphasis on versatility out of their offensive linemen than the Ravens do. Adams could be viewed as either a raw tackle with potential or a plug-and-play guard who can create huge running lanes for Derrick Henry.

. Clemson. Shipley 131. 131. 124. RB. player. . Will Shipley. Will Shipley

Isiah Pacheco is still the top dog in the Kansas City backfield, but there's nothing wrong with a little healthy competition. If the Chiefs get 2022 Shipley, expect a more physical, consistent running game in 2024.

WR. UCF. player. Baker 132. 132. . Javon Baker. 42. . Javon Baker

Baker's unusual profile makes him more of a contested catch vertical threat than most 6-1, 200-pound receivers. Oddly enough, he has excellent YAC ability, which could be what gets him on the field somewhat regularly during his rookie year in San Francisco.

. Penn State. Kalen King. 133. player. 16. King 133. CB. Kalen King.

King went from a first-round lock to start the year to a Day 3 target. The Bills seem like a team that could take a flier and try everything they can to block out a tough 2023 season.

30. Tanor Bortolini. player. . . Tanor Bortolini. 134. Bortolini 134. Wisconsin. OG

The Jets' offensive line was ravaged by injuries last year, making depth a priority. While his tape was a bit helter-skelter, the Jets should be interested in a center with Bortolini's sparkling athletic profile.

Liufau 135. . 135. Notre Dame. Marist Liufau. player. 42. . LB. Marist Liufau

Dre Greenlaw will be on the mend with an injury. While it will be tough to replace someone who plays like a pitbull on the field, Liufau's splendid pursuit in the open field and aggressive play style could help him make a solid facsimilie.