2024 NFL Mock Draft: QBs, WRs dominate early in loaded class

Who will go early on NFL Draft day?
USC v Oregon
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Round 6

Jase McClellan. . 177. player. McClellan 177. Alabama. Jase McClellan. . RB. 60

Aaron Jones is the starter, but McClellan runs hard and could be a solid power back.

Tahj Washington. 178. Washington 178. . USC. . WR. Tahj Washington. player. 55

Washington is a speedy threat who could star in Pittsburgh after being underutilized at USC.

179. Taylor-Demerson 179. Dadrion Taylor-Demerson. player. . SAF. Dadrion Taylor-Demerson. . 36. Texas Tech

Taylor-Demerson made a name for himself at the Combine. The speedy DB could be Macdonald's next safety reclamation project.

Ty'Ron Hopper. 180. Missouri. Hopper 180. LB. player. . . Ty'Ron Hopper. 47

Hopper is a classic Patriots linebacker who can plug the A-gap and slug some running backs up the middle.

player. TE. Michigan. 13. Barner 181. 181. AJ Barner. AJ Barner. .

Another Wolverine coming to LA, Barner is a strong blocking tight end who will help Greg Roman's run-heavy scheme.

Dwight McGlothern. . player. McGlothern 182. 182. CB. Arkansas. Dwight McGlothern. 35.

McGlothern isn't the most explosive athlete, but his tape shows an NFL corner with solid ball skills.

. UCLA. 31. Murphy 183. . Grayson Murphy. 183. Grayson Murphy. player. EDGE

The twin brother of Gabriel Murphy, Grayson is a bit more physical and better at run defending.

Thomas 184. . . 59. EDGE. 184. player. Clemson. Xavier Thomas. Xavier Thomas

Thomas is a former top recruit Miami believes will finally tap into the potential injuries made it tough to realize.

Isaiah Davis. . South Dakota State. 30. 185. RB. Isaiah Davis. player. Davis 185.

Davis was extremely productive in college, using his speed and vision to reel off big plays with regularity.

Wyoming. Frank Crum. player. Crum 186. . 32. 186. Frank Crum. . OT

The Cardinals would be wise to target Crum after blowing up the NFL Combine with his tremendous mobility.

Reiman 187. TE. . Illinois. 187. Tip Reiman. 44. . Tip Reiman. player

Reiman doesn't have tons of receiving potential, but he is a crunching blocker and a possible fullback convert.

EDGE. Nelson Ceaser. 188. 10. Ceaser 188. . Nelson Ceaser. player. . Houston

Ceasar coming to Houston would make him another productive collegiate player that could become a solid backup on the back of his pass rush moves.

Anim Dankwah. 189. Howard. Dankwah 189. . 10. player. . OT. Anim Dankwah

Dankwah is a giant tackle who overwhelmed FCS competition. If he clicks, starting is in his future.

NFL Mock Draft: Joe Milton has an arm worth developing

15. Milton 190. . Joe Milton. Joe Milton. . QB. Tennessee. 190. player

Milton is raw, but that arm is scary good. The Saints will be the next team who will try to harness it.

LB. Mississippi State. 46. 191. . . Nathaniel Watson. Nathaniel Watson. Watson 191. player

Watson was used all over the field in college, making him a productive player the Colts could turn into a backup.

. DT. . Marcus Harris. Harris 192. 36. Auburn. Marcus Harris. 192. player

Harris is a one-trick pony, but that trick is being a damn fine run-stuffer Seattle could use.

Pearl 193. . OT. Julian Pearl. 47. . Julian Pearl. Illinois. 193. player

Pearl is a bit more technically solid than teammate Isiaah Adams, making him a prime backup for New England.

. Anthony Gould. player. 56. . Oregon State. 194. Gould 194. WR. Anthony Gould

Gould is a very small receiver, but his speed gives him WR5 and returner potential for the Bengals.

Qwan'tez Stiggers. . Toronto Argonauts. 195. Stiggers 195. CB. player. . 55. Qwan'tez Stiggers

Stiggers is a premium athlete at cornerback, making him the type of player who could make the jump from the CFL to the NFL.

Karthy 196. K. Joshua Karty. Joshua Karty. 51. . Stanford. . 196. player

The kicking class isn't amazing this year, but Karty stands out as the best leg in this class.

player. 44. Torrence 197. CB. . Arizona State. Ro Torrence. 197. . Ro Torrence

An imposing cornerback with muscles and length, Torrence could be a backup outside cornerback with fringe nickel corner potential.

Drake Stoops. . 198. WR. Oklahoma. player. Stoops 198. . 59. Drake Stoops

Stoops is not just a coach's son, as he is a legitimately solid route-runner with soft hands.

Tory Taylor. 199. . . Tory Taylor. player. 15. Taylor 199. P. Iowa

Taylor has the best leg of any punter in this class, and the Saints need an upgrade here.

Cornelius Johnson. player. . WR. Michigan. 200. Johnson 200. Cornelius Johnson. . 16

Johnson is a bigger, more physical player when compared to Roman Wilson, but the Bills could snag him late due to his lack of amazing speed.

. 50. Taylor 201. SAF. Trey Taylor. 201. player. . Air Force. Trey Taylor

TThe best service academy player this year, Taylor (Ed Reed's cousin) was an award-winning DB who plays physically.

Daijun Edwards. Edwards 202. . Daijun Edwards. 49. . player. Georgia. 202. RB

The Packers are always going to look for running back depth, and Edwards' smooth style will appeal to them.

Ryan Flournoy. player. . Southeast Missouri State. Ryan Flournoy. 203. 45. Flournoy 203. . WR

Flournoy is ready to make the journey from Southeastern Missouri to the pros, as he is an elite athlete with great hands.

Pritchett 204. Auburn. 204. . CB. Nehemiah Pritchett. 16. . Nehemiah Pritchett. player

TPritchett is a skinny cornerback, but Buffalo needs players with zone coverage potential that can beef up a weak secondary.

Oklahoma. Walter Rouse. Rouse 205. . . OT. 205. player. 50. Walter Rouse

While overshadowed by Tyler Guyton, Rouse was also a people-mover who is going to be viewed as an eventual pro prospect.

Ali 206. . . Marshall. Rasheen Ali. 206. player. 53. RB. Rasheen Ali

Ali has a nose for the end zone, and this powerful runner carried the Marshall offense for most of his career.

Penn State. . Caedan Wallace. Caedan Wallace. . 30. OT. 207. player. Wallace 207

Another athletic Penn State lineman, Wallace could be worth marinating behind Tyron Smith for a year or so.

. Tennessee. player. 28. Hadden 208. Kamal Hadden. . CB. Kamal Hadden. 208

Hadden tested well and showed some pesky man coverage skills. The Raiders will need to double-dip at cornerback.

RB. 51. Milton 209. 209. . Kendall Milton. player. . Georgia. Kendall Milton

Milton was a bit more plodding than his teammate Edwards, but the Rams will like his one-cut style.

West Virginia. . . Beanie Bishop. player. 54. Bishop 210. CB. Beanie Bishop. 210

Bishop remains one of the more confusing NFL Combine snubs, as he was an All-American who plays cornerback like his life depends on it.

player. 42. Turner 211. LSU. 211. . OG/C. . Charles Turner III. Charles Turner III

Another lineman with good burst and girth, Thomas will be a trusted backup for years to come in San Francisco.

. Iowa. player. 52. . Logan Lee. 212. Lee 212. DT. Logan Lee

Lee lacks great pass rush skills, but the Jags need more run-stuffers in the mix on their thin defensive line.

Jordan Magee. 213. . LB. 51. Magee 213. Temple. Jordan Magee. player.

Magee is a pure gamble on athleticism. The Rams may be interested in him as a special teamer and subpackage coverage linebacker.

Devonshire 214. MJ Devonshire. 214. CB. 56. . . Pitt. MJ Devonshire. player

Devonshire at this point of the draft is a steal thanks to his amazing man coverage skills and penchant for fighting for the ball in the air.

Johnson 215. EDGE. 42. . Ole Miss. Cedric Johnson. Cedric Johnson. player. . 215

Movement skills? Check? Solid frame? You got it. Why not take a chance when you're deep in this area?

Kenny Logan Jr.. 123. SAF. Kenny Logan Jr.. 216. . player. Logan 216. Kansas.

Another defensive back Combine snub, Logan has great speed and success in both man and zone concepts.

51. Proctor 217. Ohio State. Josh Proctor. Josh Proctor. 217. . player. . SAF

Proctor lacks in coverage, but he will knock multiple receivers' helmets off with his mean style of play.

. EDGE. 218. player. McGregor 218. . Michigan. 26. Braiden McGregor. Braiden McGregor

McGregor isn't a good enough athlete to star in the pros, but he has great pass rush moves and tenacity in pursuit.

. Trevor Keegan. Michigan. 219. Keegan 219. OG. Trevor Keegan. player. 49.

Keegan is another stiff mover on tape, but Green Bay might be willing to roll the dice on him as a backup thanks to a strong history of run blocking.

Mississippi State. Decamerion Richardson. Decamerion Richardson. player. 220. 48. Richardson 220. . . CB

Richardson is a skinny corner with solid athletic ability and long speed that could become a part of Tampa's suddenly thinned secondary.

Round 7

WR. 221. 124. . . Weaver 221. player. Colorado. Xavier Weaver. Xavier Weaver

. Jordan 222. Jawhar Jordan. 222. Louisville. Jawhar Jordan. 58. . RB. player

223. . TE. Iowa. Erick All. player. All 223. . Erick All. 28

56. Michigan. Jaylen Harrell. 224. EDGE. Jaylen Harrell. Harrell 224. . player.

player. Woods 225. AJ Woods. CB. Pitt. AJ Woods. 225. 13. .

Hunter Nourzad. Hunter Nourzad. . Penn State. player. . OG/C. Nourzad 226. 226. 32

Spann-Ford 227. . Brevyn Spann-Ford. TE. 35. . Brevyn Spann-Ford. Minnesota. 227. player

. South Dakota. Myles Harden. 228. Harden 228. CB. Myles Harden. 26. . player

LB. Edefuan Ulofoshio. Edefuan Ulofoshio. . 229. 28. player. Ulofoshio 229. . Washington

60. Knight 230. . UTEP. player. Tyrice Knight. LB. . Tyrice Knight. 230

. player. 47. Washington. Dillon Johnson. Johnson 231. RB. 231. . Dillon Johnson

Louisiana. Nathan Thomas. Nathan Thomas. 232. . 60. . Thomas 232. OT. player

player. Jordan Whittington. Texas. 123. . WR. Jordan Whittington. 233. Whittington 233.

46. Williams 234. . Miyan Williams. Miyan Williams. player. . RB. Ohio State. 234

Bradley 235. Carter Bradley. player. 36. South Alabama. 235. . QB. Carter Bradley.

Dylan Laube. player. Laube 236. . 236. 52. . RB. New Hampshire. Dylan Laube

TE. Devin Culp. Devin Culp. 237. 56. Culp 237. . . Washington. player

player. 10. UConn. 238. Watts 238. . Eric Watts. . EDGE. Eric Watts

. DT. Crumedy 239. player. 15. Jaden Crumedy. Mississippi State. . 239. Jaden Crumedy

Judge Culpepper. 87. Culpepper 240. . . DT. Toledo. Judge Culpepper. 240. player

OG/OT. North Dakota State. Jalen Sundell. Jalen Sundell. player. . . 59. Sundell 241. 241

242. . RB. Frank Gore Jr.. player. Southern Miss. Frank Gore Jr.. 35. Gore 242.

NFL Mock Draft: Frank Gore Jr. has speed and elusiveness

. WR. 53. . Tulane. Jha'Quan Jackson. Jackson 243. player. Jha'Quan Jackson. 243

. 123. CB. 244. Hardy 244. . player. Daequan Hardy. Penn State. Daequan Hardy

WR. Joshua Cephus. 49. . UTSA. Cephus 245. 245. player. . Joshua Cephus

Steele Chambers. Steele Chambers. Ohio State. 246. . 48. Chambers 246. LB. player.

Dial 247. . Marcellas Dial. S/CB. Marcellas Dial. 10. . 247. South Carolina. player

Jordan Jefferson. Jefferson 248. DT. Jordan Jefferson. 16. . . LSU. 248. player

249. Jeffcoat 249. . Arkansas. Trajan Jeffcoat. . 50. EDGE. Trajan Jeffcoat. player

Isaiah Williams. WR. Illinois. Isaiah Williams. 26. Williams 250. . player. . 250

Texas. player. CB. . . Ryan Watts. Ryan Watts. 251. 42. Watts 251

Matt Lee. . 252. Miami. player. 35. Lee 252. . C. Matt Lee

LaDarius Henderson. 253. Henderson 253. LaDarius Henderson. Michigan. player. 13. . OT/OG.

254. player. EDGE. Byrd 254. USC. Solomon Byrd. Solomon Byrd. . . 51

McLachlan 255. . TE. Tanner McLachlan. Tanner McLachlan. . Arizona. 255. player. 49

Zion Tupuola-Fetui. player. EDGE. 45. Tupuola-Fetui 256. Washington. . Zion Tupuola-Fetui. 256.

Kentucky. 30. . 257. Devin Leary. Devin Leary. player. Leary 257. . QB