3 backup QB prospects Ravens could add in 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens could add a standout backup

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The Baltimore Ravens are not in the market for a starting quarterback, as they have Lamar Jackson in his prime and locked in for the next few years. However, the need for a new backup quarterback could create an opening that the Ravens could fill with a Day 3 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

At the time of writing, Josh Johnson (who will turn 38 before the season starts) is locked in as the backup quarterback. Malik Cunningham, an undrafted free agent from 2023 who followed Jackson at Louisville, is slated to be QB3. A better long-term answer might be worth investing in, especially with Jackson's history of missing a game or two here and there.

While the Ravens would be ridiculous to consider picking a quarterback with a pick in the first four rounds due to their pressing needs on the offensive line and defensive secondary, they would be wise to use a fifth-round or sixth-round choice on a quarterback that can give them just a bit more security behind Jackson.

These three quarterbacks are likely going to be available on Day 3 if the NFL Draft, which could put them into the perfect range for Baltimore to select. Even though Baltimore's offense will likely need to axe any quarterbacks with limited mobility, this trip can all make plays with their legs if called upon.

3 Day 3 backup QB prospects the Baltimore Ravens could draft

3. Devin Leary, Kentucky

Leary is an interesting prospect, as he followed a 35-touchdown year with North Carolina State by tossing just 36 in his next two years combined. His completion percentage slipped form 65% to just 56% with Kentucky, showing the undersized 6-1 passer has an erratic arm that can cause balls to sail.

Leary's creativity and arm will be his meal tickets to success in the pros. While he isn't going to run a 4.3 40 anytime soon, he can make plays on the move and escape from pressure fairly well. His arm is certainly professional quality, as he can whip it to all levels of the field with touch and velocity when needed.

Devin Leary could be a solid late-round prospect for the Baltimore Ravens.

Leary pairs a solid arm with a daring mindset, as he is willing to squeeze the ball into tight windows and throw from multiple arm angles. If Leary had a better offensive line and more than one NFL skill position player in running back Ray Davis, he may have had more statistical success in Lexington.

Leary might have enough arm talent to leap past Johnson if Baltimore wants to opt for a higher-ceiling backup over the safer veteran option. Leary's success will be based on how often the North Carolina State player emerges, rather than the volatile player we saw during his Kentucky tenure.