3 backup QB prospects Ravens could add in 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens could add a standout backup

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2. Joe Milton, Tennessee

Milton is a true example of how extreme young quarterback prospects with tools can be. At his worst, he looks like a player who should consider transitioning to tight end in the NFL. At his best, he shows off a bazooka of a right arm that will instantly be among the best in the NFL the second he arrives in the pros.

The 6-5, 230-pound Milton comes from a Mickey Mouse offense in Tennessee that asks its quarterbacks to do very little pre- and post-snap. His accuracy issues, which lead to sailed short passes, are disheartening. Why is Milton considered a prospect? It's all about his traits, specifically his power as a thrower.

The Baltimore Ravens could take a chance on Joe Milton.

Milton can chuck it over 60 yards with relative ease, and he can fit shorter throws into tight spaces with the precision of a closer with a 100-mile-per-hour fastball. Milton, who threw 20 touchdowns against five picks for the Volunteers this season, also ran for seven touchdowns with legs that didn't have their full potential explored.

Milton could wash out of the league in one year or eventually become a starter, and it all depends on how much whomever drafts him can improve his accuracy. Given offensive coordinator Todd Monken's past experience with Jameis Winston in Tampa Bay, he has experience with this type of player.