3 backup QB prospects Ravens could add in 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens could add a standout backup

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1. Jordan Travis, Florida State

Travis suffered a serious broken leg during the end of his final season with the Seminoles, and his value took a plunge as a result. Considering the skinnier 6-1 prospect already didn't have great measurables to begin with, he became pigeonholed as a Day 3 player.

The Ravens could take a look at him due to his exceptional mobility and playmaking skills. While he doesn't have MIlton's arm, Travis pairs an aggressive mindset with great arm elasticity that lets him make plays while under pressure and throwing from unusual angles.

Jordan Travis could be an ideal backup for the Baltimore Ravens.

Part of what made Tyler Huntley, a former undrafted free agent who backed up Jackson for four seasons before joining the Cleveland Browns, such an ideal No. 2 quarterback behind Lamar was the fact his mobility allowed Baltimore to run their normal offensive gameplan without too many adjustments.

Travis' legs are among the best of any quarterback in this draft class, but he wouldn't be viewed as a fourth or fifth-round player by so many if he didn't have the arm to back it up. The Ravens have multiple Day 3 picks that could be used to secure Travis' services.