3 Baltimore Ravens who will be tested the most against Los Angeles Rams

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1. All of the Baltimore Ravens interior line will have to deal with Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald is not quite the Aaron Donald of old, but he is still the best player at his position and arguably the best defensive player in the NFL. What makes him so tough for defenses is that he will line up all over the offensive line, depending on the matchup. 

The Baltimore Ravens have to be concerned about the snaps that Donald gets against left guard John Simpson. Simpson has been one of the weaker spots on the offense this year, and Donald has a chance to dominate. 

Lamar Jackson has been great this season, but the untimely penalty or strip-sack under pressure seem to be the culprits to losses and offensive struggles. If the Rams are going to upset the Ravens, it will be because Donald beats the interior and forces a turnover against Lamar Jackson. 

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The Baltimore Ravens have to rely on double-teams, roll outs and other methods to make sure that Donald is accounted for on every snap.