3 Baltimore Ravens who are not safe after the 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens may see some depth chart shake-ups after the draft.
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2. RT Daniel Faalele

Even though Faalele and his 380-pound frame was slated to be the favorite to start at right tackle following the trade of Morgan Moses, the selection of Rosengarten in the second round may have been enough to rule out the idea of Faalele becoming a starter during his third season in the league.

Rosengarten didn't give up a single sack during his final two seasons in a pass-happy Huskies offense. The fact he did that while serving as the blindside protector for the left-handed Michael Penix Jr. in those seasons likely was extremely appealing to DeCosta and the rest of the Ravens.

Daniel Faalele may not start for the Baltimore Ravens

Part of Rosengarten's appeal as a prospect is how quickly he can slide into the starting lineup. While his run blocking can leave a little bit to be desired, it's not hyperbolic at all to call him the best pass-blocking pure right tackle that was on the board, and Baltimore could not have passed him up.

Faalele obviously has enough power to stick around in the pros, but his player profile suggests that he lacks the ability to handle speed at an above-average clip. Faalele will also need to fend off veteran competition from Josh Jones after he signed a contract with the Ravens this offseason.