3 Baltimore Ravens who are not safe after the 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens may see some depth chart shake-ups after the draft.
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1. CB Brandon Stephens

While the former third-round pick managed to establish himself as a passable starting outside cornerback, Stephens has seen his status as a part of the future in Baltimore challenged by the selection of Wiggins early on and the stealing of Tampa in the fourth round.

While the Ravens seem to have hinted that Wiggins could get some time in the slot to begin his career, adding a player who is likely locked in as an outside cornerback in Tampa to go along with could be a sign that Stephens hasn't been too impressive in the eyes of the Ravens' staff.

Brandon Stephens could lose his starting spot with the Baltimore Ravens

The best hope for Stephens could be related to Marlon Humphrey, as the oft-injured cornerback could be a cap casualty after this season. Baltimore could move forward with a King Ghidorah-like trio of Stephens, Wiggins, and Tampa (all of whom are 6-1 or greater), but such a move is still unlikely.

Baltimore could part with Stephens after this season if they choose, as he is entering a contract season. This looks like a Patrick Queen situation, as Baltimore seems to have drafted the impending free agent's possible replacement one year early. Will Stephens force their hand this season?