3 Baltimore Ravens who are balling out in contract years and their chances to re-sign

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Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns, Patrick Queen
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2. Patrick Queen has turned things around with the Baltimore Ravens

Before the season, it was pretty obvious how the Baltimore Ravens would handle Patrick Queen. Queen had struggled for three years, and while he turned it on towards the end of his third season, it was not enough. The Ravens would let Queen play out this last year on his rookie deal and then walk. Their only hope was that he would play well enough that the team would be able to get a compensatory pick.

Now, he is playing so well that the team actually has to debate keeping him. The addition of Roquan Smith may have saved the career of Patrick Queen. It took all of the pressure of being the signal maker in the defense away from Queen and allowed him to play more of a run-and-chase role rather than a role that takes on blocks. It essentially opened up all of his strengths.

Now, Queen is playing the best football of his life, and his play since Roquan Smith is Pro Bowl level. The question is whether the Ravens can afford him now. Together, Smith and Queen may be the best duo in the NFL. Still, the Baltimore Ravens are paying Roquan Smith like the best linebacker in the NFL in part because he can make other linebackers play to the quality of Queen.

Thi sis another situation where the Ravens may get the most out of Queen and then watch him walk away in free agency.