3 bold predictions for Baltimore Ravens in wild free agency frenzy

The Ravens will look much different

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
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2. Tyler Huntley leaves, Tyrod Taylor returns to replace him

Huntley has made himself one of the best backup quarterbacks in the league, as he can fill in for Lamar Jackson for a game or two without forcing the offense to change too much of their shape. After so many years behind the MVP Jackson, Huntley could leave for a spot where he has more of a shot at starting.

Huntley could appeal to teams who need a more experienced backup quarterback behind a faltering starter. With Jackson having as firm a lock on the starting job as any quarterback in the league, Huntley's gaze could look elsewhere. If he bolts, a former Raven in Tyrod Taylor might return.

Could the Baltimore Ravens replace Tyler Huntley with Tyrod Taylor?

Of the three quarterbacks who saw major time with the New York Giants last season, Taylor was the most effective passer by a wide margin. Taylor is still mobile enough to make plays with his legs, and his accurate passing is everything Baltimore could ask for out of a veteran passer.

Taylor is going to find someone who will pay him for his steady hand at quarterback, but he could have extra value for a team like Baltimore that uses their quarterback's legs more than any other offense in the league. Taylor might even get a chance to finally slip a ring on his finger.