3 buy-low offensive free agents Ravens could target late in offseason

The Ravens may not be done adding talent just yet.
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1. Michael Thomas

The days of Thomas setting catch records are likely done, as the twin demons of age and attrition have sunken their teeth into him. However, the same GM who brought in Dez Bryant and DeSean Jackson might be willing to give Thomas another shot at capturing his former glory.

Thomas only managed to pile up 39 catches for 448 yards and one touchdown, as he never seemed to get on the same page with Derek Carr. With some injuries once again starting to slow him down, it's no surprise that teams aren't necessarily falling over themselves trying to sign him.

Will the Baltimore Ravens sign Michael Thomas?

Thomas' best role is in a Renfrow-esque underneath threat, albeit with more size and physicality. He's still capable of securing some big catches thanks to a strong frame, and he's remained a quality route-runner despite the fact his speed has largely started to fade away due to his injuries.

The Ravens have enough cap space to throw Thomas a bone with a one-year deal comprised mostly of incentives. He was spinning his tires during his last few seasons in New Orleans, and there's a chance he needs to upgrade to Lamar Jackson at quarterback to rekindle the fire that burned out.