3 free agents Ravens can sign to replace Morgan Moses after Jets trade

The Ravens' offensive line is looking weak

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2. Yosh Nijman, Green Bay Packers

Nijman is in the same boat as Jones, as he was relegated to a backup role after a solid 2022 season as a starter. It remains to be seen if teams will view him as the backup from last year or the performer from a year ago who appeared to be a quality NFL tackle at his best.

Nijman is 28 years old, which means the Ravens won't have to overypay for a younger player if they want to secure his services. In an offense that often tasked him to stay out on an island and win, Nijman took some steps forward as a pass protector. This signing would be a gamble on 2023 being an abbaration rather than the norm.

The Baltimore Ravens could target Yosh Nijman

Nijman might be leaving a Shanahan-McVay offense that relies heavily on zone blocking if he comes to Baltimore, but the Ravens had success with players who came from that scheme in the past. Nijman still has his best football in the windshield, not the rearview mirror.

The Ravens took a player who was on his way out of the league in John Simpson and rehabilitated him to the point where he signed a multi-year contract with the Jets. Nijman is already starting from a much better base, and he has experience at both tackle spots if Stanley starts to falter.