3 grossly underpaid Baltimore Ravens players in the 2024 season

The Ravens are balling on a budget.
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1. SAF Kyle Hamilton

Hamilton is not going to remain cheap for very long, as he will likely earn a contract that could reset the market for his position. For now, the Ravens can reap the benefits of an elite player earning peanuts on a rookie deal while they try to chase a championship.

Hamilton recorded three sacks and picked off four more during his second season, all while knocking down 15 passes and tallying 81 tackles while playing all over the defensive backfield. Hamilton seems to have fulfilled all the hype he had coming out of Notre Dame as a much-ballyhooed defensive back.

Baltimore Ravens safety Kyle Hamilton is underpaid

Defensive coordinator Zach Orr seems to be as high on Hamilton as anyone, implying that he is the most versatile chess piece this league has to offer. Orr also said that a Defensive Player of the Year is the ultimate goal for No. 14. Based on raw talent, he has as good a chance of winning that award as any defensive back in the league.

Hamilton will team with veteran playmaker Marcus Williams, former Pro Bowl corner Marlon Humphrey, and first-round pick Nate Wiggins to build one of the best secondaries in the league. Getting a leader with his talent for much less than most top safeties are being paid is a testament to DeCosta's draft evaluation.