3 high-end Ravens trade candidates who would keep defense elite in 2024

The Ravens need to swing big for defensive stars

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals
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The Baltimore Ravens accomplished their main goal in free agency, signing defensive tackle Justin Madubuike to a four-year, $98 million contract. Baltimore is by no means done adding pieces, as they need to fill out the rest of their defensive roster with quality depth in areas of need.

While making multiple lesser signings could be a worthwhile strategy for Eric DeCosta to pursue, never underestimate his desire to survey the market and find a disgruntled star who is eyeing another push at a championship. Baltimore has limited cap space, but they could be an attractive landing spot if they make a few moves to free up breathing room.

The Ravens have stars at every level of their defense, with Madubuike on the defensive line, Roquan Smith in the linebacking corps, and Kyle Hamilton rounding things out in the secondary. One more big name might be what this group needs to stay at their elite level from 2023.

Ravens fans need to keep their eyes peeled and watch for veterans who could be jettisoned in the name of saving money or rebuilding. Every member of this trio would make a meteoric impact on the team's defense, and they might not cost an arm and a leg to acquire via a trade.

3 high-end Baltimore Ravens trade targets who would improve defense

3. SAF Budda Baker, Arizona Cardinals

Baker has not been shy about expressing his dissatisfaction with the Cardinals' recent direction. He could still be on his way out despite making five Pro Bowls in a row. At just 28 years old, Baker remains one of the best tackling safeties the NFL has seen in years and a perfect Ravens addition.

Baker could be a cap casualty if Arizona is unable to find a trade partner. Baltimore could add a difference-maker at safety to make up for the impending loss of Geno Stone in free agency, as they will likely continue to employ as many three-safety looks as any defense in the league.

The Baltimore Ravens could acquire Budda Baker via trade

Baker is better in the box than most safeties in the league, which should make him an interchangeable piece alongside Hamilton and Marcus Williams. After never winning a playoff game in seven years with the Cardinals, Baker deserves a shot at a ring with the Ravens in 2024.

Even though this is a very deep safety market in free agency, flipping a Day 3 pick to Arizona to secure Baker saves the Ravens the trouble of outbidding other offers on the open market. Already a proven locker room leader, Baker should have no trouble thriving in the Ravens' culture.