3 high-end Ravens trade candidates who would keep defense elite in 2024

The Ravens need to swing big for defensive stars

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals
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1. EDGE Khalil Mack, Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have multiple high-priced veterans who could be on the chopping block, including Keenan Allen and Joey Bosa. With one year left on his contract, trading for Mack could give Baltimore a terrific one-year rental without the obligation to pay him a ton of money past this season.

Mack recorded 17 sacks last season, including six in just one game against the Raiders. Mack has always been one of the best run-defending edge rushers in the league, and his recent sack surge could make contenders like the Ravens more confident in his ability to get to the quarterback in his old age.

Khalil Mack could change the game for the Baltimore Ravens

Mack and Clowney on both sides of the quarterback and Madubuike up the middle will help the Ravens keep up their relentless pressure. Mack is expensive and will eat into their salary cap, but his talent more than justifies such a tremendous financial investment in a Super Bowl-or-bust season.

Jim Harbaugh and new GM Joe Hortiz setting up the former's brother and the latter's old team with a premier edge rusher as they try to recover from Tom Telesco's mismanagement is a very real possibility. The Ravens struck gold with Smith in their trade with the Bears, and Mack is fresh off yet another Pro Bowl campaign.