3 moves Ravens can make with free cap space the NFL just gave them

The Ravens can afford to make a few more moves in free agency

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The Baltimore Ravens were in a very tough spot just a few days ago, as they needed to figure out a way to retain the best of a group of more than 20 free agents with just a few million dollars in projected cap space. On Friday afternoon, Eric DeCosta and the Ravens' front office were handed a blessing from on high.

The NFL set the salary cap for this offseason at $255.4 million, which is a $30 million raise from what it was last year and about $15 million more than what was projected. The Ravens' available cap space was boosted to $18 million before they make any money-saving cuts, which is good for 20th in the NFL.

The Ravens now have even less of an excuse not to spend in free agency. With contenders like the Chiefs, Bengals, and Texans all with more cap space than what Baltimore has, the AFC could be a legitimate feeding frenzy once many of the big names finally start to become available.

Baltimore now has more money to throw around than they ever expected. Now that they are in a better position to toss some cash around, DeCosta needs to check these three boxes as soon as possible in order to constitute a successful offseason for the Ravens.

3 moves the Baltimore Ravens must make after getting extra cap space

3. Sign a wide receiver who could be an upgrade over Odell Beckham Jr.

After bringing back Nelson Agholor on a one-year contract, Baltimore signaled that a Beckham return might be unlikely. With the WR room needing more depth and Beckham having not lived up to his very expensive price tag, the added flexibility could be enough for DeCosta to afford one more name.

Mike Evans should be the top target, as the Ravens could easily bring him in if they subtract a cap casualty from the equation. If they want to hold on to one of those questionable contracts as they eye a bounce-back year, Baltimore would be wise to target a more mid-level target who can still make big plays.

The Baltimore Ravens need to add a wide receiver

Tyler Boyd might not come back to the Cincinnati Bengals after they hit Tee Higgins with the franchise tag, and Josh Reynolds has been linked to the Ravens in the past. With the Saints once again in the deepest depths of salary cap hell, speedy deep threat Rashid Shaheed could be in Baltimore's line of sight.

Zay Flowers looks like a possible 1,000-yard receiver, but the Ravens would be unique to once again lean on him as a No. 1 receiver with minimal supporting help. What this receiver class lacks in non-Evans star power it makes up for in depth, which could be good news for Baltimore.