3 moves Ravens will make next after massive Derrick Henry signing

The Ravens need to keep building around Henry

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1. Cut Ronnie Stanley

While it might sound trite to keep banging the Stanley drum, it seems very unlikely to imagine a scenario where the Ravens can either build a deep team with his big contract in the fold or free up extra cap space in 2024 without cutting him. Last year was not how the former All-Pro wanted his season to go.

Stanley was one of the most penalized tackles in the league last year, and his pass blocking started to fall off just a tad as he started to see injury problems have started to catch up with him. Both parties might need a fresh start, as Stanley will likely find some team that will take a chance on him.

The Baltimore Ravens need to cut Ronnie Stanley

The Ravens could take advantage of a very deep offensive tackle class in the 2024 NFL Draft, or they could turn around and add another veteran with a more stable lower body and a cheaper contract. Stanley getting hurt again in 2024 could be enough to decimate what is already a thin offensive line.

Remaking the entire left side of the offensive line in a year that could be considered Super Bowl or Bust by many is quite a risk, but so is trusting Stanley to suddenly turn back the clock. It's sad to see his career degrade like this, but the Ravens can't keep replaying his old highlights to justify keeping him.