3 new Ravens players who will be upgrades this season

The Ravens will be making some improvements in 2024.
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1. RB Derrick Henry

Could you get a better running back upgrade than this? With Keaton Mitchell and rookie Rasheen Ali both recovering from injuries and the 1-2 punch of Gus Edwards and JK Dobbins both choosing to reunite with Greg Roman on the Los Angeles Chargers, the Ravens needed a player like Henry.

Those who pour over analytics stats (at the risk of sounding like an old curmudgeon) will have cast doubt over Baltimore playing a running back who crossed the dreaded 30-year-old barrier with tons of wear on his tires. However, Henry was so productive with the Titans that he may be able to keep Father Time at bay.

Derrick Henry could be a star for the Baltimore Ravens

Henry was a highly productive rusher last year on a terrible Titans offense. Joining Lamar Jackson, who helped turn Edwards and Dobbins into two of the most efficient runners in the league, will give Henry the support he needs to once again dominate on the ground in December and January.

It is not hyperbole to suggest that a fully healthy Ravens team might have the best collection of running backs in the league, and Henry is at the tip of the spear. His power is still there, as is his straightline speed. Those will be the two primary ingredients in what could be another Pro Bowl campaign.