3 offensive line free agents who make sense for Ravens after 2024 NFL Draft

The Ravens still need to add an offensive lineman
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1. Dalton Risner

Risner is one of the few linemen left on the market who could instantly jump into a starting role in the NFL. Risner had a productive career with the Broncos for four seasons before sauntering over to the Vikings. He has been very open about his desire for a standard NFL starting guard contract in free agency.

Risner is a very known quantity as a guard, as he has always been a better pass blocker than a run blocker. However, the Rosengarten pick could be a sign that Baltimore wants to build the best pass-blocking line possible. Looking at the current free agent pool, Risner is the best available guard out there.

Dalton Risner could start with the Baltimore Ravens

The problem with signing Risner could be related to money. Not only do the Ravens have little money to spend, but Risner has shown in the past he is willing to wait well into the preseason in order to secure a contract worthy of a starting guard in the league. Can both parties meet in the middle?

Risner is one of the few starting offensive linemen out there who are both under the age of 30 and lack major injury risks, all while providing starting-level production. Vorhees and Cleveland can't feel confident in a starting role unless any interest in Risner is confirmed to have been shut down.