3 offseason moves from AFC North rivals that Ravens fans can laugh at

The AFC North made some puzzling moves

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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1. Steelers get Russell Wilson and Justin Fields

The Steelers knew they had a quarterback problem after barely skating into the postseason with Mason Rudolph and Kenny Pickett, and they took two big swings by acquiring Russell Wilson after the Broncos cut bait with him and trading for former Bears top choice Justin Fields.

There is nothing like trying to solve a quarterback controversy from last year by creating another one of your own making. While Wilson might be the ironclad starter going into the season, the Fields acquisition may have artificially shortened his leash. Given his age and recent decline, Wilson is no sure-fire star.

The Ravens can laugh at the Steelers' QB controversy

Let's imagine the doomsday scenario where Wilson proves to be cooked and the promising Fields needs to come out of the proverbial bullpen. While he has enough talent to be a starter in this league, would Fields be enough to move the needle in an ultra-competitive division?

Wilson playing like he did in Seattle would be something Baltimore has to worry about, as Pittsburgh has a deep roster from top to bottom. However, that is a major risk, and balancing Fields' development with Wilson's play could be a difficult act to pull off.