3 overpriced free agents the Ravens were wise to avoid

The Ravens were right not to spend too much

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The Baltimore Ravens have chosen to largely sit free agency on the sidelines. After Justin Madubuike was locked up for the future and Derrick Henry was brought in as the team's starting running back, Baltimore has largely done nothing besides bringing back some backups and special teams players on cheap deals.

While the Ravens don't have a ton of cap space, Eric DeCosta is also concerned about giving out an albatross contract that weighs on the team's books. After restructuring the contract of veteran left tackle Ronnie Stanley, every other player on the Ravens is either cheap or playing at a level worthy of a giant contract.

The Ravens have traditionally been very judicious about spending in free agency, often letting some of their rivals in the AFC spend as much as they can in March and April while they build their roster through the NFL Draft and a culture of internal development. As such, they often avoid ending up on "free agent disasters" lists.

Baltimore should be commended for not spending too recklessly and saddling themselves with a bad contract that will take considerable skill to work around. The same can't be said for these three teams, who signed players the Ravens were going nowhere near in free agency.

3 players the Baltimore Ravens were right to avoid in free agency

3. WR Gabe Davis, Jacksonville Jaguars

Isn't it ironic that Davis, who was such a volatile wide receiver with the Buffalo Bills that fans were openly pining for a replacement for years, signed a hefty contract in Jacksonville to be...the No. 2 wide receiver? Never underestimate what wackiness Trent Baalke will pull in free agency.

After bungling the Calvin Ridley situation and losing him to a division rival, the Jaguars paid Davis a three-year, $39 million contract that could reach as much as $50 million in the duration of the deal. Paying an average WR2 up to $17 million per season, while still not locking yourself out of drafting another wideout, is a puzzling move.

The Baltimore Ravens didn't give Gabe Davis a big contract.

The wide receiver room is not very good right now. Rashod Bateman has a lot to prove, and Zay Flowers is a solid playmaker but an underwhelming No. 1 option. The Ravens seem willing to address this in the 2024 NFL Draft instead of giving an inconsistent player with drop issues some top-line money.

Those who have criticized DeCosta for not doing more to land quality wide receivers are on firm ground for complaint, but he would have rightly been torn to shreds if he gave Davis this exact contract. Jacksonville will have to hope he hits a new level, while the Ravens remain a bit more flexible.